IN Collection

IN is our first family of objects. A modular, playful design created with sustainable birch plywood.

Origin and concept

IN (definition) - expressing the situation of something that is or appears to be enclosed or surrounded by something else.

IN tells a story of encounters, and how shapes and people are redefined by their encounter.

IN was born as a family of stools that form a unit. The unit is created by the encounter between two similar objects, as well as from the encounter between Gastón Gil (Designer/Artist) and Zulema Josa (Architect) in the Ca l’Agustí co-working, in Poble Sec - Barcelona.

Together, they designed and produced two stools of identical elements in number, shape and size. Only the subtle displacement in its assembly allows the other to complement it. The unit forms an internal space which hosts a pair of smaller stools.

The original model was made of three layered fir tree wood panels, initially cut into rectangles and then cut diagonally to generate the legs of the stools from the same piece of wood.

Award winning

The project was presented in 2017 at the Aldo Morelato Foundation International Competition for applied art in the furniture sector  “The Significant Furniture” XIII edition.

The submission read: a system of modular elements that, by combining them, generate a family of objects capable of conceiving a multiplication of elements at different scales for a "new home landscape”.

The project won the award in the Professional category and was exhibited during the Milan Design Week in 2018.

Its version currently on sale was then submitted for the 2020 Delta Awards in Barcelona and it won the Silver Delta Awards in the Indoor category.

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From concept to production

The original production process was already using a good degree of industrial efficiency (pre-cut engineered wood panels) but in order to make the design truly replicable a different material (plywood) and process had to be used (CNC).

At the same time, both in order to facilitate shipping as well as creating more involvement for the final customer, it was decided to transform it into a self-assembly product which further highlights the identical components and playful nature of the original design.

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Immediately recognisable

Finally, to make the product unique but also easily recognisable, each stool is marked with the IN logo, synthesis of the encounter between the lines, as well as the combination and inclusion of different elements.