Luca Castiglioni

Luca is a restless soul, with three children, a full-time digital job and a passion for furniture design. He's knee-deep into the "Hoioh", as he likes to say, half-joking.


Aged 11, when first asked the question "what will you do when older?" he thought "I want to design cars". Life then took many turns and whilst today Luca doesn't even own a car, he certainly hasn't lost his appetite for design.

Born in Milan in 1981, Luca soaked in his parents' careers (engineer and interior designer) by shaping his interests and building an awareness for both design aesthetics and technical drawing. After a scientific secondary education, he drifted towards media studies at university until, in 2006, he moved to the United Kingdom.

Between London, Lincoln and Leeds, over 10 years, he had several careers, from video game tester to digital project manager but it's only when back in London in 2011 that Luca started growing a new interest for furniture.

Furniture design

In London, he purchased several pieces from local designers and makers, and when he moved to Barcelona in 2017 he met Gastón Gil who introduced him further into furniture making. 

After co-founding Hoioh Design in 2019 and following Gastón's disappearance later that year, Luca decided to pick up the sketching board and developed his own collections in collaboration with his business partner Roger Llimós and producer Marc Whitelaw.    

Spring stool ON | Simple clothes hanger ON | Plant hanger ZERO | Animal trivet ZERO | Snowflake coasters


Playful designs

Between 2020 and 2023, Luca designed several collections of products, as he learned 3D drawing and CNC production. Discover some of his creations.

Spring stool ZERO collection