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About Hoioh Design

We are a small business founded in 2019 by three friends united by the passion for furniture design. Based in Poble Sec (Barcelona), we create playful wooden furniture that we produce locally (Girona), using sustainable plywood.

Why Hoioh?

The Hoioh name finds its origin in the Spanish word “Hoyo” which means “hole/hollow”.

A hole is made in the wood to define a shape, or to connect it to another, it's the opening of a possibility for change and interaction.

A hole is also an empty space that invites our creativity to fill it and define it. It's where you put a seed, to grow a new plant.

Our story

Hoioh Design was born from the encounter between Luca, Gastón and Roger in Ca l'Agustí, a co-working space in Poble Sec.

When Luca moved from London to Barcelona in 2017, he immediately fell in love with Gastón's work and, in the following months, purchased and commissioned several pieces of furniture from him.

Roger and Gastón already collaborated on several refurbishment projects and the three quickly became friends.

When the original IN project won the Aldo Morelato Award in Milan the following year, the idea to find a way to produce it in series was planted.


We produce single or small series of objects through a balanced combination of CNC technology (machine cutting) and hand craft finishing, using sustainable plywood.

The use of CNC digital technology allows for optimisation, quality and repeatability, whilst allowing us to produce on demand or in small lots. This avoids overstocking, reducing logistic needs and warehouse spaces, hence reducing our carbon footprint.

We want our customers to rediscover the magic of time as a more mindful and local production process doesn't happen instantly.

We understand this is difficult, nowadays, when we expect everything to be immediate but this is something we believe humans need to change and rediscover for their own survival.

Our Designs

When you buy from Hoioh Design, you will get a product that is made to last, to be used and lived, something that will keep its beauty through time. Something you should not dispose of the next time you move to a new apartment.

We want you to rediscover the pleasure of buying something unique that may have minor differences and imperfections but has been produced just for you.

Ultimately, we want you to have a more mindful shopping experience. A place where you can buy playful wooden furniture that is designed and produced locally with passion and care.

Our Packaging

Packaging is an important component of buying a product so we paid particular attention to it.

Every product is carefully packed using recycled cardboard boxes. We try to minimise were possible any fillers and wrapping, using sustainable materials where we can't avoid it.

We also include in every package a small paper square with a QR code that takes you to its online instructions, hence minimising single-use paper.

IN | Stackable stools Spring stool ZERO | Submarine phone stand ZERO | Daisy coasters ON | Simple clothes hanger


Our Products

We currently sell a selection of the products we produced over the years. Our iconic IN and Spring stools, as well as a range of smaller products created with spare production material.

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