New Wooden Furniture: New colours, New products, New materials.

Looking back at what we achieved over the past year is really great; all the new collections and products we designed, prototyped, produced, photographed and launched... but the more we do, the more new ideas come to mind.

Moreover, as we use and live our products, it's hard to resist the temptation to continue evolving them, adding details, improvements and innovations. And whilst we love wood, its colour and the grains, we are also big fans of minimal, base colours like black and white, which we have been longing to try for a while.

At the same time, whilst we have a great birch plywood to work with, we are also looking for a more "local" material to use, something produced in Spain, where we are based, rather than in Easter Europe, where we buy our current main material from.

So we decided to combine new and enhanced products with a a new, ultra-light plywood made of poplar, produced in the north of Spain, which comes in simple colours - white, black and grey.

Workshop - white plywood | Hoioh Design

Our latest production lot was a combination of the above, a couple of new products:

  • a wall-hanging bedside table with a drawer
  • a larger table with joined legs
  • a portable laptop tray
HEX Table White | Hoioh Design

and a few updated ones:

IN medium Grey | Hoioh Design

using our new poplar plywood in white and grey; and, as you can see, the results were really cool! It's great to see how just the change in material gives the same product a whole new dimension.

The white table is light and elegant and in many ways, much more versatile as it can fit well as a desk or a kitchen/dining table. The grey IN creates a great contrast with the lighter wooden edges, adding movement and highlighting the new design which removes all the screws previously used to join the top with the legs, effectively halving the number of screws required to build it, without affecting its strength.

Well done to the Hoioh Design team!

Hoioh Design Team

Unfortunately, this is just the first round of prototyping, we need to make a few adjustments, photograph the new products and update the website before we will be able to put them on the market.

So stay tuned and follow us on instagram or sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know when they will be available for sale!