Custom made furniture

Design and manufacture of personalized furniture

At Hoioh Design Barcelona, we transform your ideas into reality with bespoke furniture that adapts perfectly to your space and lifestyle. Each piece is designed and manufactured in our workshop, using sustainable materials and artisanal techniques.

Our process

Local production of wooden furniture and accessories on demand.

Personalized Consultation

We meet with you to understand your needs and preferences.

Unique Design

We create an exclusive design that reflects your desired style and functionality.

Artisanal Manufacturing

Our artisans build each piece of furniture with precision and care.


We handle delivery and installation to ensure everything is perfect.

From idea to reality

plano 1 taburete spring
taburete de madera spring

Why Choose Hoioh Design

Sustainable Materials

We use certified woods and recycled materials.

Producción Local

All our furniture is made in our workshop in Girona.

Customized Design

We adapt each piece to your tastes and space

Artisanal Quality

We guarantee durability and attention to detail in every piece of furniture.

Custom Furniture for Businesses

In addition to residential projects, we also offer our custom furniture services for businesses such as bars, restaurants, offices, and shops.

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Customized furniture

We understand the importance of functional and aesthetic furniture that reflects your brand identity and enhances your customers' experience.

We work with you to design and manufacture personalized solutions that meet your commercial and spatial needs.

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If you are looking for custom furniture that combines functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability, contact us today to start your personalized project.