2020 collections coming soon

Hopping through mini-lockdowns and various travel restrictions we got through the summer in one piece! We also managed to refine our new products design, and define the new collections we will be launching in the coming days:

  • ON
  • SLIDE (Update: now available here)
  • HEX (Update: now available here)
  • ZERO (Update: now available here)

It has been a long journey but those early ideas born during the confinement months and shaped into the initial prototypes we talked about in July, have finally taken form. Soon, you will be able to buy them too!

Let's discover each collection and their peculiarities.


ON Clothes Hanger

Having released IN, when we started developing various products to hang on walls, the name of this collection became pretty obvious, it had to be ON! 

The collection features a consistent mechanism to connect the "hanging" part with the wall support, making it easy to scale and apply to several objects that can go on a wall by adding a flat support piece via plugs and screws.

The collection comprises of:

  • A modular shelving system - 15 to 30 cm deep and 50 cm to 2 meters long
  • A modular clothes hanger (image above)
  • Plant pots hangers (image below)
  • A bike hanger
  • A shoes rack
  • A small desk   

ON Plant Holder

It was quite a challenge to find a good balance between ease of production and ease of use, especially in regards to the hanging system. But after several adjustments and trials, we developed a good solution which is both strong and stable, and easy to use. Ready to get the drill out?


The design question we put ourselves was: "can we build a chair without any glue and any screws?". After several months, we believe the answer is: Yes, we can! But it wasn't easy!

The first prototype looked great and was reasonably comfortable but it lacked the strength and stability we were hoping for. We then went through 3 iterations which improved the comfort of the seat (we added more beams) and the stability of the legs (with longer lateral supports).

And here is the result, our Naked Chair. A chair that certainly makes a strong and clear statement.

SLIDE Naked Chair


Working on our Slide collection, which is based on the notion of sliding its pieces together, we realised we had to offer a simpler, cleaner option for flat pack furniture and therefore we brought into the mix the black screws we used for our IN stools. 

The screws use hex keys so we called the collection HEX. Nice and short as we like it.

HEX Chair

The HEX collection is growing but as a start it will feature:

  • A chair (image below)
  • Three stools of different heights - 45cm, 62cm and 73cm
  • A square 80cm wide table

We will then add a round and rectangular versions of the table which we already designed and are in the process of prototyping.


And last but not least, our smaller objects collection. Thought both as a way to be creative and playful, as well as thinking about the waste material generated by some of the other products. In fact, due to their design and shape we cannot always make full use of the plywood sheets we use in production, the solution? Make some smaller objects at the same time to optimise and reduce waste.

ZERO Collection

Each object has a function:

  • A coasters set  
  • A trivet
  • A mobile phone holder

But they also have a specific shape and design which recall real-life:

  • A flower
  • A whale
  • A snake
  • A submarine

It's a combination of use and decor, something functional but also nice to look at and evocative at the same time.

What's next?  

You will have to wait a little longer as we are taking pictures and completing the product descriptions but you will soon find the new products on the website, ready to be ordered. In the meantime, you can sign up to our newsletter and be sure to be notified as soon as we launch our new products.