Bespoke touches in Poble Sec

Right above our heads in Ca l'Agusti, we had the opportunity, in collaboration with the architecture studio Rehab-me, to experiment with different types of wood to bring some personality and warmth to 2 beautiful flats in an early 19th century building.

Both renovations had their centre piece in the kitchen. The first used mostly the yellow fir tree wood panels often found in building sites but here brought to life in colourful contrast with the white marble worktop.

Yellow kitchen in Poble Sec flatHowever, it's the second apartment renovation in Poeta Cabanyes which we found particularly interesting as it allowed us to conceive and implement a modular system that can be adaptable and scalable to different spaces.

Pawlonia kitchen in Poble Sec

The idea is to let transpire its modular nature without hiding it through seamless junctions, making it a feature rather than a simple functional necessity.

The system is comprised of a series of Pawlonia wooden cabinets, with 2 possible widths, 45cm or 60cm, and 2 possible heights, 45cm or 90cm, which are configured through a set of standardised elements which give a high number possible of configurations: open, partially open, with a drawer, fully closed with a door, fully closed with an upper drawer...

The elements are easily identifiable and create an harmonious rhythm through the spaces they define, and the use of just few elements allows for easy customisation and great adaptability to size, use and budget.

Pawlonia Kitchen - side

The modules are built with a combination of CNC cutting of Powlonia wooden panels which are then hand finished, glued and assembled; its elements can easily be removed and dismantled non-destructively as all components are linked with detachable connections, which enable separation, transport and re-use in a different space, if ever needed.

If you are interested in our bespoke furniture projects, you can contact us for more information.