Gastón Gil

Collections: rEIN

Gastón Gil, born in Olavarría, Argentina in 1972, was a photographer and carpenter but most of all an artist. He studied Industrial Design at the U.B.A University of Buenos Aires, where he dropped out after 3 years, in 1995.

Following the Argentinian crisis in 2001, he left his motherland to move to Europe, to pursue a career in photography. After 2 years travelling between Italy and Paris, he finally found in Barcelona his home away from home, where he started studying photography at the IEFC.

After getting married and divorced, he decided to channel his creativity in a project about rebirth, collecting furniture and abandoned wood from the streets of Barcelona and giving them new life in a beautifully crafted collection he called rE.

After struggling to make a living out of his art, he started working as a carpenter in Poble Sec (a borough of Barcelona), near Montjuic, where in his atelier he created several bespoke furniture pieces for local people and friends.

Working with Zulema Josa, in 2017, he designed and built IN, a family of objects created to take part in the Aldo Morelato Foundation international competition at the FuoriSalone of Milan, where they won the Aldo Morelato Foundation Award for the Professionals category.

In 2018, together with Luca Castiglioni and Roger Llimós, he started Hoioh Design with the aim to produce and sell his and others' designs via the online portal

Unfortunately, Gastón tragically passed away in October 2019, just a few weeks before the company launch.

Luca and Roger decided to honour his memory and great talent by continuing the Hoioh Design project to allow people in Spain and Europe to discover his work and passion for design.